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A suspension design is no one product floor

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A suspension design is no one product floor

mostly block, specification 30.48cm x 30.48cm x 1.27cm, can be directly paved on the cement foundation surface, anti-skid, damping effect is good, very popular with consumers. Here we take a look at the suspension flooring, what are the advantages? A suspension design is no one product in such a clever way to solve such an important problem of moving floor vertical buffer,

intensive support according to the law of uniform distribution in the whole floor below three degrees. Arch bearing structure of the best engineering mechanics structure formed in the huge impact of local moments will pass to 907 intensive support, formed the elastic matrix mitigate the impact of the athletes,

knee, ankle, back and cervical vertebra joint formed the best protection. Reduce the impact of athletes joints, delay muscle fatigue aging, to avoid accidental impact injury. More importantly, in the impact of the case, it does not look like as soft, but has a good elasticity and supporting force of professional floor should be heavy, basketball great placed on top of it without causing any deformation,

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