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national standard value flooring

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national standard value flooring

the national standard of laminate flooring has been put into effect. Its name and numbering are the national standard of People's Republic of China GB18580-2001. Famous brands have both the test report produced by the authorities of quality inspection in China, and the labels and labels are complete on the packing boxes of products. Registered trademarks,

manufacturers, operating units, type, quantity, address, telephone number, etc.. 4, select free formaldehyde emissions, waterproof wood floor contains a certain amount of formaldehyde, if more than the national standard value (1.5mg/L) will be harmful to the human body. At the time of purchase,

the most suitable choice of national environmental protection signs certified products or exemption products. 5, water resistance (resistance) performance of water resistance (water resistance) is reflected by the thickness expansion index of water absorption, the index value is high, water resistance is poor, that is easy to cause dimensional change in humid environment.

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