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useful human warm core floor

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useful human warm core floor

and temperature control technology can achieve "time / subarea switch at any time", very energy-saving, electricity saving. 7, anti-aging manufacturing warm core floor materials are special materials, with good characteristics, anti-aging, non deterioration, stable performance,

service life and building age. 8, super wear test, the surface of the warm core floor has reached more than 8500 rpm, wear-resistant layer of wear-resistant paper reached more than 60 grams. 9, good safety through warm core power, not to exceed the maximum surface temperature of 50 DEG C, no spontaneous combustion, not explode, no leakage. 10, useful human warm core floor series products by authoritative department of infrared application expert detection,

the wavelength is 8.97 microns, is a kind of infrared ray beneficial to human health, scientists called "life light wave"". It can be absorbed quickly by human body, make the blood vessel dilate, promote the blood circulation and metabolism, activate the tissue cell, enhance the immunity of human body, and is very beneficial to the health. The main features of warm core self heating floor,

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