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Ceramsite aggregate! High strength, low water absorption, small shrinkage, sound insulation and fire-resistant Add light-weight ceramic wall panels are widely used in residential, office, commercial, plant and other types of civil buildings in the external walls and roof structure, is also widely applicable Structural maintenance, insulation and decoration works, and can be used as special materials in other areas (such as shock absorption building materials, highway noise, sound-absorbing materials, sculpture materials, etc.). It is made of ceramsite, cement, fly ash for the cementitious material. The test and practical application shows that adding lightweight ceramsite light insulation panels highlight the outstanding performance, high strength, low water absorption, shrinkage, noise and fire and other characteristics, is the ideal wall insulation wall material, it is the market New wall materials that lead both in quality and performance. Production of raw materials and specifications of the production of raw materials Ceramsite self-insulation block is mainly composed of a series of raw materials such as cement, magnesium chloride and magnesia, light ceramsite, fly ash, construction waste and a small amount of chemical additives (raw materials can be According to the local market, according to local conditions). Market Prospect The lightweight partition board with ceramsite is a wall material capable of meeting 65% of the requirements of wall material reform and energy saving in winter and summer and hot areas. It has the advantages of energy saving, waste reduction, environmental protection, heat insulation, thermal insulation, fire resistance, Noise, moderate cost and many other advantages. Ceramsite self-insulating block wall insulation system is a technical performance, economic and social benefits are very significant wall energy-saving insulation system, has broad application prospects.

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