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solid wood flooring has advantages

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solid wood flooring has advantages

but its core layer is made of fir or camphor wood as lath. This bamboo and wood with bamboo flooring produced together, not only has the advantages of bamboo floor: the appearance of smooth, bright, fresh, natural, delicate and smooth texture, surface hardness coefficient is high,

with cherry and a ratio; solid wood flooring has advantages: good stability, convenient pavement, suitable for large area pavement, cost savings. Bamboo flooring in integrating the advantages of the above two kinds of panels, it also has its own comfortable, elastic, with the elderly and children on safety, and Dongnuanxialiang, corrosion proof, strong wear resistance,

long service life and other advantages. Bamboo and wood composite flooring has been recognized in the market, is becoming home accommodation, Gaestgiveriet Hotel, and even sports and entertainment venues, such as interior decoration ideal materials. In the long run, bamboo and wood composite flooring is a kind of ground paving material which accords with the concept of environmental protection because of its bamboo as the main raw material,

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