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Golden Goose Slide than brown

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The only Luella pieces I own are ones from the British designer’s Target collection, Luella for Target. While it has been nearly three years since those pieces hit stores, the quality and design have withstood the handful of seasons (despite their frugal price-points), so it saddened me to hear Golden Goose Saldi that Luella Bartley just announced that her Luella label has ceased trading.

Given the bold colors on the sweater, and the gold details on the pants and jacket, I didn’t go for any accessories other Golden Goose Slide than brown and gold studded sandals. Were it not for the frigid New York City weather, I would have worn the ensemble out of the store myself!The outfit I dressed my model in was fairly reflective of Tory Burch’s resort collection this season. 

asked Oct 31 by teythegoldengoose (120 points)

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