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Golden Goose Sneakers Online shoes will prevent tripping

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How To Tie Your Shoes

Learning to tie your shoes properly is an important part in taking care of your shoes and avoiding accidents; tying your Golden Goose Sneakers Online shoes will prevent tripping over shoelaces, not to mention help keep your shoes on your feet. There are many different ways to tie shoes, and keep in mind that practice makes perfect. Method 1 - Standard Shoelace Knot

Hold one end of each shoelace in each hand.

Grab the left lace toward the middle of the lace and start to pull this part of the lace through the hole that was formed between the left lace and the right loop in step 5.

The left shoelace, as you pull it through the hole, should be forming a loop of its own. Grasp both loops and start to pull the knot tight.

Continue to pull on the loops until the knot is tied firmly. Below is a video demonstrating this method of tying your shoes.

Hold one end of the shoelaces in each hand.

Cross the shoelaces, making an X just as we did in the previous example.

Pass the top end of the shoelace under the other and pull tight making a starter knot.

Make both ends of the shoelaces into loops by folding each of them in half.

Cross the loops over each other so that the right loop is on top of the left loop.

Wrap the right loop Golden Goose loosely around the back of the left loop so that a hole forms between the two loops.

Start to pull the right loop back to the front through that hole that has been made.

With the right loop through the hole, grasp both loops and start to pull each in opposite directions to tighten the knot.

Learning to tie your shoes properly is important in keeping your shoelaces from dragging on the ground, maintaining foot and ankle support, and keeping the shoes on your feet! The bunny ear method is more common when teaching children to tie their shoes. There are many other methods of tying your shoes, but the above two methods are the most common and by far the easiest as well. 

asked Oct 24 by ecopeckgoose (120 points)

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