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Continuing with Golden Goose Baskets

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More than a few eyebrows have been raised over the cover of the special issue, however; lush-locked Blake Lively beat out every other A-lister this time. While plenty of her contemporaries are also tops when it comes to style, she certainly deserves a round of applause for not using a stylist.

For designers that don’t have the marquee appeal of say Marc Jacobs or Carolina Herrera, getting editors and writers to their presentations is not the easiest of feats. In a shrewd move, Norwegian designer Elise Overland presented her Fall 2011 collection at the Standard Hotel’s ice skating ring.

Continuing with Golden Goose Baskets the trend of undone housewives, models at Ermanno Scervino wore messy beehives and boldly defined eyes. By smudging the eyeliner down from the outer corner, under the lower lash line, the look went from prim and polished to lived in and worn.

I want the audience, when they come to see any of my films, and The September Issue is a perfect example, to have a great time at the movies. My goal is to have it be cinematic and engaging and dramatic and emotional – all the things that you think of when you go to the movies. 

asked Sep 2, 2017 by docvalensckte (120 points)

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