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activity and the amount composite decking

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activity and the amount composite decking

the effect is very good, to reduce the error of manual survey using lock technology, pavement floor and floor gently you can tap into the groove. Three, avoid glue pavement paving the floor is to use glue to add to its stability, but the adhesive contains chemicals such as formaldehyde, indoor pollution caused by using more easily, and the lock floor is not appear this kind of problem, because the lock force, even if free plastic decking, seams are very close, not because of the temperature changes or uplift cracking problem.    

four, suitable for the public environment from the range of people's activity and the amount of exercise, the laminate board is not suitable for public places of the pavement, excessive exercise or endurance are to strengthen the floor to bear, easy to crack, and lock floor with super lock, very suitable for the public environment pavement, whatever you jumping around all right. Five, reusable locking floor,

the biggest feature is to prevent the seam seam cracking. With the use of lock floor again, the disassembly is easy and free rubber pavement can be re used; especially what needs to hold exhibitions or temporary places of the pavement, the delicate and beautiful decorative effect.     Xiao Bian sum up: the above is about the five major advantages of locking floor, I hope to help you. If you want to learn more,

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asked Aug 20, 2017 by xiao1236 (480 points)

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