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person with warm composite decking

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person with warm composite decking

Heat loss is inevitable, and the ideal floor can minimize the losses. In foreign countries, useful plastic floors for heating, but generally not recognized by domestic consumers. Geothermal floor selection should follow the "choose thin, not selected thick", you can choose three layers of solid wood, multi-layer solid wood, bamboo flooring and laminate flooring, the thickness is not more than 8 mm, the maximum can not exceed 10 millimeters. But three layers of solid wood can reach 15 millimeters.

Pure solid wood geothermal floor can reach 18 millimeters. Plastic floors are generally thin, in less than 5 millimeters. Geothermal floor of the substrate requirements are high, the temperature difference between winter and day is great, the floor will expand heat and cold, the usual floor can not afford to toss about. Not suitable for geothermal power. Now on the market, consumers and many businesses will believe that the geothermal floor stabilization is better multi-layer solid wood flooring,

but pure solid wood geothermal floor in addition to stable high, environmental protection is superior to other floors. The advantages of geothermal floor 1, comfort, health care, ground radiation heating is the most comfortable heating, indoor surface temperature uniformity, temperature gradually decreasing from the bottom up, give a person with warm head and cool feet feel good; not easily caused by dirty air convection, indoor air cleaning; improve blood circulation, promote The new supersedes the old.

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asked Aug 8, 2017 by xiao1236 (480 points)

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