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environmental protection composite decking

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environmental protection composite decking

professional flooring manufacturers set materials Lin Pei activities, floor plate manufacture, production, domestic and international sales. 8, Regal WELLUX Beijing wellux Wood Co. Ltd., geothermal floor ten brands, the forest products industry ChinaGeothermal floor refers to the floor dedicated floor heating, in our life is widely used, many friends in the use of geothermal floor,

that most floors are geothermal floor, in fact, otherwise. Here we take a look at the ten misunderstandings in the process of using geothermal floor! ", who are advised to warm the floor floor do?" "you can do the floor heating floor?" salesman answered: "absolutely no problem, special geothermal floor." Almost every floor sold is so sure answer, but also out of the user examples, and some also come up with test reports,

so consumers feel, "all floors are suitable for floor heating."." As everyone knows, apply and ground heating to meet the four major elements: floor heating conductivity, dimensional stability, antifouling, environmental protection, durability. Flooring industry is making floor standards, so that the four elements of quantification, and the development of floor laying and warranty period quality inspection standards, so that laying and maintenance of technical indicators are quantified.

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