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environmental protection standards composite decking

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environmental protection standards composite decking

Bake in the oven for 20 hours at 60 degrees Celsius. Cook for 3 hours in the hot water at 100 degrees Celsius, or 20 degrees below freezing for 2 hours. Go back and forth four times, guarantee the floor long-term resistance to high temperature, no crack, no degumming, moisture resistance, no deformation, no rebound. The last point is green. Health and safety are the basic requirements of geothermal floor.

Products should comply with international environmental standards (European environmental protection standards for E1; Japan environmental protection standards for F1; formaldehyde content in China is less than 0.12mg/m3, equivalent to international standards). Two, floor heating type, the market has three major categories of composite floor: solid wood composite floor, laminate flooring, multi-storey composite floor. The first two kinds of composite flooring as the traditional composite flooring species are well known to the public,

multilayerCarbonized wood floor is a Home Furnishing floor, after 200 degrees high temperature carbonization treatment technology of wood production, its stable performance, environmental health, good thermal conductivity, are widely used in the decoration of Home Furnishing. Today, Xiao Bian for everyone to introduce solid wood flooring cleaning and maintenance skills, for everyone carbonized solid wood flooring maintenance reference. 1. Clean the carbonized solid wood floor with a vacuum cleaner.

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