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Ecological plate mainly composite decking

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Ecological plate mainly composite decking

high quality and environmental friendly material. What kind of board furniture is better? Please see below. In the ecological ecological plate is formed? Ecological plate mainly is with a different color or texture of paper into ecological plate resin adhesive soaked, and then dried to a certain degree of cure, the cracks in the moisture-proof board, particleboard, MDF, plywood,

blockboard or other hardboard surface decoration plate formed by hot pressing. In the beautiful ecological finishes are generally by the good quality of the decorative paper by hot forming, general decorative paper is also divided into domestic and imported decorative paper, generally called domestic paper paste, the paste paper no import quality is good, easy to fade, the price is relatively reasonable and cheap. Another import called "ink paper", ink, the quality of the paper itself is better,

waterproof, anti abrasion performance is strong, so the price of positioning is also three times the color paper. Sugiki Isugikii has a slightly yellowish white wood, heartwood reddish brown, delicate texture is soft, texture straight, easy processing, in addition, we rarely see Chinese fir furniture worm eaten, it is because the Chinese fir corrosion resistance strong, and is not affected by termites.

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