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classification of anti-static composite decking

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classification of anti-static composite decking

can not only meet the needs of laying cables and pipelines arranged in a crisscross pattern, but also through the design, set the vents in the appropriate parts of overhead floor, can also meet the static pressure air supply air conditioning the requirements. Two, what is the classification of anti-static floor? Anti-static floor according to the substrate and the cover material can be divided into: steel base, aluminum matrix composite, base, base board (also called Mu Ji),

based on calcium sulfate and so on, can be anti-static tiles, veneer melamine (HPL) and PVC. Aluminum, calcium sulfate based high price of aluminum base floor will not rust, but aluminum floor made of precision is not high, imports of aluminum base price is too high; steel base and steel matrix composite base is moderate, but the floor section is easy to rust, so the sections are all in need of paint Antirust processing, composite floor base the section also do dust treatment;

particleboard based price is low, but the water absorption rate is too high, and poor fireproof performance, low bearing capacity, is not suitable for the requirements of high places, so the current market base and the base steel composite floor is becoming more and more popular. The use of melamine (HPL) as veneer easy to aging skin, easy to scratch the surface, easy to fall off the edge;

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