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layer of certain thickness composite decking

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layer of certain thickness composite decking

the use of permeability and adhesion exceptionally strong epoxy primer, roll coating, scraping or brushing together, strengthen the epoxy flooring adhesion. In 3, the construction of epoxy resin coated: adding quartz sand, smooth and dense layer of certain thickness with the trowel, enhanced ground pressure and anti impact property. 4, soil construction: the use of epoxy batch of soil, depending on the actual needs of the construction of several road, to enhance the flatness of the ground.

surface coating construction: the main agent and curing agent mixture, stir in correct proportion can be trowelling, brushing or spraying, the surface wear and corrosion resistance, waterproof and dustproof, easy to clean. After the completion of the whole surface bright and clean, uniform color, no empty drum. Blistering floor paint blisters occurred on the first floor or basement, sometimes more than two buildings have also occurred, floor paint blisters in the general construction shortly after the discovery, there are some blisters morning paving floor paint at.

Blisters from small to large, continuous development, stop the development to a certain extent. The higher the temperature, the more likely the blister will be, and the faster it will develop. Blisters vary in shape and size. Some blisters above 1m in diameter, up to 20~50mm. There is no obvious relationship between the formation of blisters and the construction area.

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